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...and welcome to my site I am Froso Kakaletri, a London-based interior designer and founder of Blue + Green Interiors.

After many successful and enjoyable years in various digital roles in the market research industry, I decided to take a break, pursue my hobby and, most importantly, fulfill my passion to work on projects that are either creative or have a direct positive impact on people’s lives. Shortly after the birth of my second son, the idea of Blue + Green Interiors, where I am able to do all of the above, was also born. 

Why Blue + Green? Because these are the two most dominant colours in nature and the ones which create a feeling of complete harmony. They also represent my two homes. Blue is for Greece, the country of my birth, for its beautiful seas and skies, while green is for the UK, the green and pleasant land which I’ve made my home. However, that doesn’t mean I confine myself to a palette of blue and green. In fact, quite the opposite!

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I’d describe my personal style as modern eclectic, colourful, vintage and glam, but that’s my style. My aim is to help you find your style, whether it’s classic or cool, ethnic or edgy, vintage or industrial – or a combination of different looks that’s unique to you.

I am passionate about spending where it makes a difference, but also try to upcycle or reuse, and mix high street with more upmarket pieces, to create a distinct effect. Naturally, I take account of trends, but I never copy them slavishly, because they have to work for you in your space, and they have to stand the test of time, too.

I am also passionate about bringing the outdoors indoors, from using as many natural materials as possible – marble, wood, copper, zinc – to adding plants or playful touches that emphasise this approach. I can help you find the right colours, textures and finishing touches, or rework the way the space flows or how you use a particular area. I can start from the ground up or concentrate on the surfaces, furniture and objects that will bring your home to life.

I specialise in renovations, refurbishments and room redesign, and tackle old and new properties by looking at their bones and trying to reinvigorate, preserve and restore any original features.

I pride myself not only on my imaginative ideas and creative concepts, but also on my professionalism, my project management skills and all the other business skills that I developed during my years in a corporate environment and through my academic qualifications.

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